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Outbound dialer issue

Dear All,

my customer needs to flush the contact list of that the campaign imort it, and replace it with new list,

usually what i did is : i empty the import file of some campaign and rename it and then go to config manager and on the query rule to update the dialing list to overwrite any old list, so my question is there simple way that enable the customer flush the dialing list and insert new one without refering to me??


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Re: Outbound dialer issue

Hi Valiegenus,

The simeple way to do is, share the ICM Logger folder to the "USER" where the import file is stored. Assign write permissions to the USERS to that folder. The user can then access the folder to flush the old contact list/

But a big problem is, You are granting access of ICM Logger server which is not recommended. Incase of any Virus attack from the user PC to the ICM Logger server the consequence will be worst.

Alternatively, you can get a piece of software developed that can be deployed in USER PC which can do the work.

Goodluck !!

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Please check below link for a

Please check below link for a Campaign Manager for a solution to all above issues. 

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