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Outbound dialer Promt base

Hi I am using uccx 8.5.1 , is it possible to config Outbound dialer of Promt only,

I mean when we give input as the contact number,  the receive can listen only Promt which we upload

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Outbound dialer Promt base


We are using a Cisco UCCX System version:

Total IVR Port(s): 100

Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat(s): 50

Cisco Unified CCX Preview Outbound Dialer: Enabled

Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents: 400

so i need to configure the Campaigns where

1. we can give the list of contact numbers in a .txt format

2. & we want the system should make a calls to the  cumstomers  whose contact number in the above list

3. & end customer listen the IVr promt its a basic Greeting message in Promt.

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Outbound dialer Promt base

This is called Outbound IVR and is a separately licensed feature from the Preview Outbound Dialer. Reach out to your Cisco partner for a quote. This will require AEF scripting as well; unless you're comfortable doing this in-house I suggest asking the partner for a professional services quote as well.

Outbound Dialing Capabilities

The Cisco Outbound Option complements the powerful inbound call-handling capability of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform by offering blended preview outbound dialing and outbound IVR capabilities. You can build campaigns to use preview dialing that is integrated with inbound calls to provide a blended inbound/outbound solution. These blended functions let agents serve both inbound calls and outbound campaign tasks when the inbound queue is empty, allowing for the most efficient use of agent resources for both inbound calls and outbound campaigns.

In addition to blended preview outbound dialing, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express also includes outbound IVR capabilities designed to deliver automated, IVR-based outbound communications to customers. You can use outbound IVR for applications such as appointment reminders and emergency announcements. Outbound IVR also supports CPA (Call Progress Analysis) to automatically detect voice answer, answering machine, fax/modem, busy and reorder tones.

Please Note: There is a performance impact associated with an increase in the number of dialing list records in the system. The number of dialing list records that are supported depends on multiple factors:

• number of running campaigns

• system load

• database space availability

• data retention limit for historical reporting purposes

While there is no upper limit enforced by the software for the number of dialing list records, a dialing list size of 400,000 (including both active and inactive records) has been validated and this limit can be considered supported.

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