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Outbound Dialer Question

I'm working with a client that has some unique outbound dialing requirements. The organization is a transit company that schedules rides online (think Taxi service), and would like to have automatic trip reminders and alerts sent out by phone to their customers via the Cisco Outbound Dialer. After the customer picks up the call the IPIVR (or CVP) would need to play the appropriate trip reminder message or alert. The customer pickups are typically scheduled 24 hours in advance, but sometimes these notifcations need to go out in near real time.

I would like to know if this is possible with the outbound dialer, and secondly how would you go about setting it up. If it's not possible... any suggestions on a hybrid solution?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Outbound Dialer Question

My two cents: I'd say it sure is possible. From a dialer point of view it's not to hard, but you're going to have to have some logic from which to pull a customer record and line that up with a time to call and prompt to play. You know, customer X has Y number and ordered Z product..

While not entirely practical under large call volumes, you could do this whole enchilada in the IVR. However the outbound solution will keep you busy and provide more robust "true" outbound functionality.

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Re: Outbound Dialer Question

Thanks for your response. I really don't need a robust outbound dialing solution (i.e. Outbound Dialer). If this can be handled in IPIVR or CVP that would be great.

Can I create an IPIVR or CVP app that will initiate outbound calls by itself? How would you go about doing this?



Re: Outbound Dialer Question

You can handle this in IPIVR, not really in CVP. The trick is you need a custom developed application to trigger the IVR scripts that do the actual dialing. Even if you use Outbound Dialer though you will need some kind of custom application to feed records to the dialer at the scheduled times. The key advantage of the Outbound Dialer solution is that it can perform answering machine/fax/modem detection, which you will not be able to do with an IPIVR solution.

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Re: Outbound Dialer Question

Yes, with the IVR take a look at the "Call Contacts" field in CRS. You'll need to understand those and their limitations, some have limited CPC.

I've done a few of these, last one tied in SalesForce records to XML and then grabbed that as needed into the IVR, which then shot off calls based on script logic.

Keep in mind IVR port count and expected call volumes with this type of thing, and like Ed said above the supervision is limited. Also, exactly how this particular client you have stores records is important.

Good Luck.


Re: Outbound Dialer Question

I've developed the Dialer - CVP solution. That's the way to go. It's reasonably cheap because you only need a couple of dialer ports, and you run the Dialer on the CUCM PG.

You have to be careful and understand the limitations of data transfer between the two systems. But it does work. I have posted here before about what to use (think BAAccountNumber).



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