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Outbound Dialer


Ive had what i think is a strange request and i was just wondering if anyone has had this before.

I have been asked to setup some kind of solution whereby a nominated list of customers could recieve a phone call from UCCX listen to a prompt and hang up again, then dial the next number in the list and do the same.

I think this is possible using a prompt recording application and a script that does a DB or XML lookup for a list of customers, dials the number, plays the prompt and disconnects. The downside to this is that once you set it away, its going to go through, there is no cancel or stop button!

Anyone had this or got a better idea?




Re: Outbound Dialer

Jon, I would suggest looking at this product.

I think the "Broadcast by Phone" application sounds like what your customer is asking for.

I have tried it using a SIP connection to my PBX and it works very well.

I think this will be easier then developing your own software.  It seems very reasonably priced as well.

I have no connection with the company, I just tried their product and thought it was very good.


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Re: Outbound Dialer

You are correct in your thoughts, only I would like to add this:

i = 1

label get_next_record

enabled = get xml data (xml, "//enabled")

if (enabled)

     number = get xml data(xml, "//number[" + i + "]")

     new_contact = place call(number_to_dial)


               play prompt (new_contact, p[hello])

               terminate (new_contact)


     increment i

     goto get_next_record


Now you can simply modify the xml document with an enabled flag (true|false)

Anthony Holloway

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Re: Outbound Dialer

Hi Anthony,

Sorry to drag this up again. Is this something you have done already?



Re: Outbound Dialer


there are two ways. The easier one is WITH CCX, the other one is WITHOUT CCX and requires some programming. Both are easy IMHO ;-)

What I would do:

1. create two database tables, "Contacts" and "Admin". "Contacts" contains four columns: PID, Name, Number, Tried. Admin contains one column Enabled. The former table will hold the contacts (PID is just used as an unique identifier, the Name and Number are quite obvious, the Tried column will store 1 if an attempt was made to call and 0 if not). The Admin table will signal whether the calls should be made or not - e.g. Enabled = 1 then yes, if 0 then no)

2. create a simple script/application/process/servlet with a thread that would periodically, for instance, every five seconds, check for the value of the Admin.Enabled column. If 0, then it would continue sleeping, if 1, it would do the following:

3. take N rows from the Contacts table where Tried = 0. Update Tried with 1.

4. using Anthony Holloway's script, which is behind a HTTP trigger, call the numbers.

I know it seems very difficult at the first sight, however, it is not. I have done this before and it works. (I have an application that calls IVR numbers periodically to check them). So if any help is needed - just ask.


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