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Outbound WebView statistics explanaition.

Good day, we use camqry11 for monitoring outbound, and there are some fields that is needed to be explained. We interested in fields: ?Canceled? (The number of contacts in the half hour interval where the dialer canceled a ringing customer call) and ?Dialer Abandon?(The number of contacts in the half hour interval abandoned by the dialer). Why Dialer canceled and abandons the calls? It will be very helpful if anyone gives detail explanation.

-- best regards, Igor
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Re: Outbound WebView statistics explanaition.

Really good question

"Why Dialer canceled and abandons the calls?"

I've been also wondering these but no clear explanation from Cisco. Following is what I believe these are, please comments:

1) I believe that "dialer abandoned outbound call" can occur when mode is a) predictive or b) progressive with more than one lines per agent. If more calls answered by customers than there exists free agents, then dialer abandons extra calls. That's normal.

On Cisco Configuration Manager and Campaign Settings sheet there is a field "abandon calls limit" which seems to work ok and limits these calls, 1-3% seems to be best.

If you look Dialing List tables from database, you can see that "abandoned calls" have Callresult=16

2) But "dialer canceled call"? This is (???)something similar but I would like to see more information how to set limit for these - because "abandon calls limit" does NOT affect anyway how much there occurs cancelled calls.

If looking from database, these seems to get Callresult=13.


I must say I'm not satisfied how these statistics work. These are simply not enough.

Also strange how this system handles customer next time when call got result "canceled" or "abandoned": well it seems to call again and of course it's possible that call can be "abandoned" again. What's result?? Angry customers. I've seen situation when same customer was dropped (canceled or abandoned) 3 times per week!


Have you noticed also following: I import numbers to dialer and start to use lists. Everything ok, dialer loads batch for dialing (cache).. But then I decide to change some parameters, for example "retries" from 360 minutes to 120 minutes. Well? System sets *all customers processed (callresult=25, callstatus=C) which are currently on queue/cache*. I hate it because if list is small, 200- 500 customers, and "cache" setting on "skill-group" tab is set to 50 it marks all processed. What to do for them? Export out and reload again? I had to manipulate call lists by using SQL - or set "records to cache" parameter=1 (I don't know how this affects to performance)

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Re: Outbound WebView statistics explanaition.

What version and SR of IPCC and Call Manager do you have? CallResult=25 and CallStatus=C - is normal situation in some cases, for example in case of changing mode from Preview to Predictive/Progressive( I asked cisco engineers). As for me I do the following:

1.stop dialer process,( all "A" records became to "U"),

2.switch all "U" records to "P" manually(also in the registry settings you can set the time to automaticly change "U" to "P", but I preffer SQL query "set..").

3. change campaign mode as I want

4. start dialer process again.

Thank you for explanaiton of canceled and abandoned calls. I was interested in the " Call result=13" half year ago, I tried to dial manually records that was marked with call result 13 and found that a lot of them has network issues (PSTN failures), mayby call result 13 is simply bad records?

You can also read my other topic

"Outbound Campaign parameters explanation" at

where information about call result 13 also available.

-- best regards, Igor
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Re: Outbound WebView statistics explanaition.

I investigated issues with callresult 13 and 16. I logged on one agent and set Lines per agent:3.0 and Maximum lines per agent:3.00, dialing list was a list with ivr phones(it was our inner route point for testing purposes). I observed Dialing List table and and baDialer process. In the baDialer window I watch 1 logged agent and 3 dialing lines, after that 1 talking agent (My agent was talking) and 2 dialing lines after dropping call I get a new reservation and parallel dialing lines after that I investigated Dialing List table and see some 13 call result and some 16th. I noticed that some records were dropped before it was completed (call result =13) and some records were dropped after answering by client (call result =16) also there were increased ?Canceled? and ?Dialer Abandon? in the camqry11. I think dialer is intellectual system and when it has not enough talking agents but a lot of records for dialing, some of this records stop dialing before reaching live customer (marked as call result 13). Also I trying the following: when agent is reserving for dialing(Predictive mode) and I drops reservation call ( in the agent desktop or on the phone) in the Dialing List table appear ?13,16? call results ( think, It depends on the moment of dropping reservation call). So, you need to watch your agent?s punctuality. You can also try these simple tests to make sure yourself.

-- best regards, Igor
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Re: Outbound WebView statistics explanaition.

"I tried to dial manually records that was marked with call result 13 and found that a lot of them has network issues (PSTN failures), mayby call result 13 is simply bad records?"

Maybe it's something with gateway? I've seen call result 13's also when there is problems with system - so it's very difficult to see from statistics:

a) this is normal, not error situation

b) this is not normal but we are not disturbing customers

c) this is not normal AND we are disturbing customers with calls which length is maybe 1-2 seconds

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