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Outgoing calls on ICD Line - Agent marked as "Not Ready"

I have a customer with a very small IPCCX 4.0(5) call center (2 agents currently) where the agents take incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls. I am using Reporting Statistics to determine if any agents are Working or Talking, and if so, queue the call. If not, put the call into the "Closed" voicemail box.

The problem I am running into is if there is only one agent working, and that agent is on an outgoing call, the IPCC system marks that agent as "Not Ready", which defeats my Working and Talking checks and sends the caller to the Voicemail box instead of queuing them.

Is there another statistic I can check against that will allow me to see that an agent is on an outgoing call and therefore queue the call? Does anyone have a creative way of approaching this situation?

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Re: Outgoing calls on ICD Line - Agent marked as "Not Ready"


Why not just queue the call until an agent becomes available? With the "Select Resource" step under the "queued" section you could wait X amount of seconds (if desired) then route the call to voicemail. This way you won't have to worry about the actual state of the agent. Even if there are NO agents logged in, the call will eventually get to a voice mailbox. If this approach doesn't make sense, tell me more about the application and I'll try to suggest something else. Good luck.

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Re: Outgoing calls on ICD Line - Agent marked as "Not Ready"

The customer wants to avoid queuing the call if there are truely no agents at the phones. Currently, we have them making outbound calls on their private lines so that if a call comes in on the ACD, they can place the outbound call on hold, answer the incoming call and place it on hold, then finish the initial call. This places the agent in the Talking state which allows subsequent calls to be queued. Not an elegant solution, but it works.

This is a travel desk, so there are an equal number of inbound and outbound calls as the agent(s) receive and follow-up on travel requests.

The customer does not want to have to rely on the agents to fully log-out of their phones when they leave for breaks or at the end of the day, as there is too much of a chance of them forgetting. Then a caller would end up stranded in the queue until a timer kicked them to voicemail. The problem with a queue timer is that on heavy travel days, callers can be in queue for over 30 minutes, so having an automatic kick to voicemail would not work unless the timer was set to a very high number.

Thank you.

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