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Couple of questions....

1. From the SRND guide:


Configuration objects entered into the child system can automatically be sent to the parent Unified ICM and inserted into the Unified ICM configuration, thus eliminating the need to configure objects twice....


Does this also apply in the other direction? Can you enter objects into the Parent and have it propogate these changes to the child. For example, can I add an agent into the parent and flag it to be used for one of the child systems? Or do all the moves, adds, changes (including scripting changes) have to be made on the child systems? Is there even an AW in the parent location?

2. Can someone provide the best link that describes all the reporting ramifications of parent/child? I am specifically looking for which information is propogated from the child > parent.

3. With Parent/Child are there issues with having overlapping directory numbers between child locations? For example, can DN 5000 exist in one child location as well as another child location? How does this impact reporting?

4. In Parent/Child do the "childs" have the be "System IPCC" or can they be Traditional as well?

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Re: Parent/Child

1- NO you cant.

This is because the "Child" is considered as an independant ACD with local Agents+Skillgroups..etc.

So if you have Administrators who are administring your Childs IPCC, you dont want to make changes on their "Childs" IPCC.

2- Infos propagated from Child to parent:


-Skill group


-Service Member

-Peripheral Monitor

3- Well this has more to do with CCM than IPCC. IPCC just route to the Routing Clien(which is CCM/IVR).

4-The TDM ACD should be connected to an ACD PG which then connect to the Parent.

Hope this helps

Re: Parent/Child

Seems to me that for #3, there are potentially issues. I haven't worked with Parent/Child. But I have worked with NAM/CICM. I think if the IVR is CVP, you will want to handle ingress and queueing in the Parent/NAM. And if CVP is involved, you will need a consolidated dial-plan for GK configuration.

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