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Passing variable to a script

We have a requirement where we want to gather customer feedback through IVR, our customer care agent will call the customer and asks them to provide feedback and if the customer agrees, they will redirect customer to feedback IVR extension, only issue faced by us is that how can we uniquely identify the customer, is it possible to develop a mechanism by which customer care agent passes that unique identifier while redirecting customer, means is it possible to invoke a IVR script with parameters. Feel free to brain storm for possible solutions.we are using Cisco UCCX 8.5 enterprise edition. Thanks

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UCCX 8.5 Enterprise Edition

UCCX 8.5 Enterprise Edition is not a real thing.  Did you perhaps mean Enhanced?

Do you have a way to identify the customer within the original script?  If so, just leverage the Session object and store the data in there.  Then the IVR for the survey can read the Session data to identify them.

If not, then you can have the Agent perform a warm transfer to the survey IVR, enter the customer account number, then complete the transfer.

Anthony Holloway

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Dear Anthony,How can agent

Dear Anthony,

How can agent transfer a call with some customer information, on IP communicator there is only option to transfer call.

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