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Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster


We have UCCX 7.0(1) cluster, with Publisher and Subscriber. We would need to upgrade the UCCX to 7.0(1)_SR2. How should the patch upgrade be carried out?

Can the upgrade be carried out separately on individual servers? Should we start with Publisher for the upgrade.



Re: Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster

Take a look at Chapter 12 of the UCCX 7 Install Guide (uccx70ig) for specific instructions. Also, you should plan on going to the latest release which is 7.0(1)_sr5 which was released in December 2009 and can be downloaded from the Cisco site. In fact, the sr2 that you referenced isn't even available on the site any longer while 1, 3, 4, and 5 are available. Leads me to believe there may have  been an issue with sr2 but can't say with absolute certainty.

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Re: Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster

Yes, I patched the UCCX server to SR4 recently since we were facing some db connection issues & TAC was not ready to look into this issue until we patched to the latest build. But then, once we patched, the SQL DB connection issue got resolved. Not sure if the patch upgrade fixed this!


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Re: Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster


I have already read the upgrade section of the installation guide. What i really meant to ask was the sequence of installing the patch on the High Availability UCCX Cluster (Publisher+Subscriber)

Since both the servers are running in Active-Standby, how do we install the patch?

Install the Patch on Active Publisher, while leave the Subscriber running. Once the patch is installed on the Publisher, install the patch on the Subscriber.

Would there be a clash between the Publisher and Subscriber, since at one point of time, there would be Publisher with higher SR and Subscriber would have a lower SR.

Please suggest.


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Re: Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster


The sequence to follow for patch upgrade.

Am assuming you have CCX primary as Primary datastore server.

1. Upgrade patch SR5 on Primary server

2. Reboot the server

3. Services will automatically fail over to secondary.

4. Let primary comes back up - Check Node manager and other services of the Engine comes back up fine.

5. Upgrade the secondary server to SR5

6. Reboot the server.

7. Services will fall back to Primary.

Upgrading one server will not take more than 5 mins and then reboot time and during this time if you open CRS admin page you will see a pop up saying version mismatch and will ask you to upgrade other nodes in the cluster.

I would recommend you take 15 mins downtime for carrying this activity.





Re: Patch Upgade on UCCX Cluster


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