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PG failover resolves agent login problems

ICM 4.6.2, CCM 3.3.2, IP-IVR 3.

We're having problems where the agents could not login each morning using CAD. They received the message "Unable to log Agent in - Another Agent is logged into the Specified Extension". Manual PG failover clears it. But we're unsure why it happens. Any ideas?


Re: PG failover resolves agent login problems

At CallManager Administration, de-associate the agent phone extension from RMJTAPI user, save the chanages, and then re-associate the agent phone extension to the RMJTAPI user. Check also if the CTI Manager is working properly (restart it if possible).

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Re: PG failover resolves agent login problems

Thanks for the prompt response.

We can dissasociate/reassociate for isolated cases, but not when the entire centre is down as it takes too long. It is at this point when a manual PG failover is needed.

What causes this issue to occur in the first place?


Re: PG failover resolves agent login problems

Try this one:

Symptom Duplicate Login: The softphone starts correctly but when I attempt to

login (i.e. click the Login button, enter login information, and press OK), the

softphone displays a message box that says Agent with ID is already logged

in. To use Agent ID please logout first or contact an Administrator for help.

Possible Cause This error message indicates that the Agent with this ID is

already logged into a session and the CTI OS system has been configured to

prevent duplicate logins to the same AgentID. The other active session must

logout this agent first. If you do not want this preventive mechanism, then the

following registry key should be set to 0:


\ \

EnterpriseDesktopSettings\All Desktops\ Login \ConnectionProfiles


Note In the default Installation, this key is disabled and therefore will not

prevent duplicate logins.

From: Troubleshooting CTIOS Server CTIOS Client.pdf


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Re: PG failover resolves agent login problems

gmcgoldr is using CAD. CTIOS is not going to help.

gmcgoldr, I want you to try this. I am assuming your PG's are connecting to different CM's. Restart the CTI Manager for the CCM that the PG has the issue. Let me know whether it helped. And, do this after hours.

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