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PG installation on UCS platform

Hi All,

Currently i have UCCE 8.0(3) running on Windows 2003 SP2 HP server.

I want to move my Generic PG from HP MCS to UCS platform (CISCO UCS C240 M3 SFF)

I have necessary softwares, but i have below queries:
- is it possible to run PG on UCS platform
- how do i cut over from current PG to new PG server with minimal downtime (i would not be able to have two servers on network with same IP Address and host name)
- Private network configuration between two UCS server (for PG side A and side B)

Any guide book / installation document will be of a great help.

Thanks in advance.


PG installation on UCS platform


By Default you have now two PG's running, you can simply shutdown PGA, install it on the new UCS and then power it up and make sure that all services are up and running , if so shutdown the old PGB and re-install it on the new UCS.

PG can be installed on UCS, but PRogger is not supported, it must be PG only (any kind of PG).

This is a great document for the UCC virtualization, it also has something called hybrid environment (which means some of the systems are in bare metal installation and some are in VM) check it, it will be very helpful for you.

As for the private configuration between the two new UCS, make sure you create two VSwitches (one Vswitch for the public and one VSwitch for the provate) once you apply the OVF file edit the configuration and choose for network two the seond interface so that the private are linked there.


New Member

PG installation on UCS platform

Thanks Amer for a very quick reponse :-)

I will go thru above document.

New Member

PG installation on UCS platform

Hi Amer,

While i was going thru the document i read, below are not supported on virtualization:

- Outbound Option with SCCP Dialer

- Unified CCH (multi-instance)

i also read that UCS C240 M3 does not support 8.0(3).

Could you please also confirm which version of IP IVR is supported on C240 M3.

Could you please confirm if above is corret.

Thanks again.

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