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PIM sets agent to Not Ready

Im having a really strange problem with IPCC Hosted 7.0, IVR 4.x and CCM 4.x.

Started to having some agents reporting that they sometimes gets "Your agent state has been set to Not Reay by the PIM because some calls were routed to you and haven't been received. Please ask your administrator for help". This seems to appear when some specific calls for a specicic customer is placed in queue and then when it's supposed to be picked up by an ready agent this apppears.

I think that i have localized what customer it affects and there is this scenario :

Customer dials in to A and gets their cti ports etc. through A's Translation Route to VRU and processes the IVR script and then reports back to ICM with CED. Route Select then sends the call to a Call Type and then it checks after available agents in If no agent is available then it sends the call to the queue and here it failes if the call is queued and then an agent becomes available.

It seems to work fine if agents are ready in and picks up the call directly. The only setup that differs from the rest of my customers is that The call somes in to A thats labeled "Tango" in ICM Suctomer but the calls is answered by "Delta" thats another customer in ICM. It's no advanced setup, Delta have just got the authority.

Call manager have been checked for CSS issues, i have tested this setup myself but cannot regenerate the errors. I cannot understand whats causing this error...and it's getting frustrated.

Please help

Cisco Employee

Re: PIM sets agent to Not Ready

Hi Patrick,

I guess you are using a queue to skillgroup node, is that one that takes the failure? Where are you registering the failure in the script if not? Router Log Viewer is reporting you any specific error?

Is this happening just for a skillgroup or several? If just for one, check the Call Search Space for that config if compared to the others.

If it is none of this, enable Call Queueing, Network VRU and Translation Route Tracing with rtrtrace.exe and provide IPCC PG logs with the tracing as the tech note, plus router logs in a TAC SR.



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