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Play Diferent Prompts while caller is waiting

Hello, i need to have my script to play different prompts while the callers is waiting for an available agent, my customer wants the prompt played to change every 15 seconds. can somebody direct me on how to do this , share a file or direct me where to look . Thanks in advance.


Re: Play Diferent Prompts while caller is waiting

How many prompts the customer want to cycle through? Are this prepared prompts or do they needed to be updated ad hoc (as in updated with queue statistics). And 15 seconds is a very short period of time. Most prompts that I work with are longer than 15 seconds by themselves. Does the user just want to present a number of random prompts to the caller?

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Re: Play Diferent Prompts while caller is waiting

Thank you for the reply.

There are 4 prompts , i already loaded them on the CRS. The customer wants the prompt to be played in sequence and in a loop. so after 15 sec that the caller is waiting play prompt 1 - after 30 sec prompt 2 - 45 sec prompt 3 - 60 sec prompt 4 and than 1 again.


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Re: Play Diferent Prompts while caller is waiting

There are two ways to do this assuming that each prompt is the length of time you listed above. There is no way to override an active Play Prompt step and start playing a different WAV file. The first WAV needs to complete.

The more elegant is to use the Create Generated Prompt step. This will allow you to get the same Play Prompt step to play a different WAV file each time it is invoked or concatenate multiple WAV files into one variable depending on how you configure it.

The second is to manually concatinate them together within a single Play Prompt step

(P[example1.wav] + P[example2.wav])

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Scripting and Development Series: Volume 2, Editor Step Reference 7.0(1)

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