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New Member

Playback of a Recording element wont work in the same session in the callstudio app



Can someone please help me a little quickly with it.

I have written a Call studio Voicemail application.

1. CVP is in C$

2.  Using the "Recording" element, caller listens to the initial greeting and records a message.

3. I have created the file path as "D:\CISCO\CVP..." in the session data of a SET element. Also created a filename to be "{Data.Session.callid}. "Immediately after recording, i can see the file getting created also with proper file name.

4. BUT, The problem here is::: Immediately after the recording, the recorded message has to be played back, and then a menu should be provided to the caller to rerecord or to send.

5. I am not using the "Record with confirm" as I am getting confused with its 4 exit states.

6. So, I used a Recordelement follwed by a "Audio element". In the audio element, I gave the URI to be "D:\Cisco\CVP...\{Data.Session.FileName}.wav. I clicked away the default audio path.

7. BUT, It just does not play the recording back.....Can someone tell me WHY and what i am doign wrong?? I tried changing the URI with and without D: and with both forward and backward slash etc.... Can someone please help as my deadline is approaching?


-->6. So, I used a

-->6. So, I used a Recordelement follwed by a "Audio element". In the audio element, I gave the URI to be "D:\Cisco\CVP...\{Data.Session.FileName}.wav. I clicked away the default audio path.


you can not give file path for audio files, it has to be http URI. voice gateway will not be able to fetch files unless you give proper http url. 


i would suggest to use ftp to upload recorded file to ftp enabled, media server and serve same file in next node by manipulating some parts of url.

record and confirm will be the best option if you practice that for some time.




New Member

Chintan,Thanks for replying.


Thanks for replying. File upload is never a problem. The recorded file does go and sit in the path I provided for storing the filename.

So, if CVP is installed in C drive, and the path to store the recorded file is "D:\Cisco\CVP\...".

Can you tell how the URI should start to pick it up please?? Even if I use FTP to upload the file also, I have to use URI to fetch and play it in the Audio element.



ok. please read carefully.CVP

ok. please read carefully.

CVP and media server are different component for CVP deployment, but they can be deployed on same physical machine. 

after enabling IIS service your media-server components starts working, and servs http requests.

by default the root path of the media-server is c:\inetpub\wweroot.


so if you try opening any browser and do http://<ip of the media server>

you will see the default content of root path of the media-server.


now what ever prompts you use, you can put them into the root of media server to serve them to request.


e.g you are trying to fetch wav file at http://<media ip>/en-us/app/test.wav

then you need to create folder en-us under root directory(c:\inetpub\wweroot\).and under en-us create app directory, and under app put your media-files. so it will be something like this c:\inetpub\wweroot\en-us\app\test.wav


so for http://<media ip>/en-us/app/test.wav to work c:\inetpub\wweroot\en-us\app\test.wav

should have properly configured. you can check at by putting url in your browser, from where MS is reachable, and see if it serves any file.

now you can ftp to you recording to this path, and request them.


CVP automatically places all the media-file under, wwwroot when you choose to deploy media-files also when installing CVP server. just go through them and you will come to know the structure.


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New Member

Thanks Chintan. I am not able

Thanks Chintan. I am not able to http://<mediaIP>; or http://<mediaIP>:7000. It throws HTTP 404.

Infact, i am facing the media server issue from ICM also. When I am trying to play a file stored in media server from ICM, it simply bypassing it and would not play. Please tell me how to get this media server up and running? Sorry for these questions.

No need to be sorry, this

No need to be sorry, this happen's.

you need to enabled IIS feature, based on your OS check on google how to enable IIS service.


http://<mediaIP>:7000, this is for VXML server, you need to have VXML server installed and running.


then try this



you will get XML page which will indicate your VXML is up and running.