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Please help

Due to limitations on CRS I have had to create a web page that pulls multiple records from a table and then emails them.

I have searched all cisco and non cisco documentation and cannot find a method to just simply open or launch this web page, no other tasks are required I just need a step in the script to launch this url, can any provide any suggestions?


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Re: Please help

When you say "due to the limitations" of CRS, it may be a licensing issue. If you have Express, then you may have to have Premium in order to have the HTTP Contact steps. I'm not 100% sure. We are not licensed for Express. We are licensed for the IP-IVR only (version 3.5.3) since we have IPCC Enterprise. The licensing for IVR only allows you to have the email, http, and database steps.

Have you tried using the "HTTP Redirect" step? It can be found within the Palette Pane of CRA editor under HTTP Contact. I've never used it before, but at first glance, it appears to allow a script to redirect to an HTTP trigger within CRS.

We are looking at using HTTP triggers for notification of on call staff. We've played with it a little and it seems promising. We've successfully tested typing a message in a web page and submitting it to the HTTP Trigger. The script has parameters mapped to the message that was typed and will call a phone to do Text to Speech. In other words, the script is pulling values from that web page and populating variables. We could easily have the script email the values. Our goal is to have the monitoring software populate the web page when it sees servers crying for help, then submit it to the HTTP trigger to send out the notifications of what is wrong.

In a nut shell, I believe CRS will do what you need assuming you have the necessary licensing. If you need scripting help, let me know. My coworker is the one that figured out the HTTP trigger stuff. Like you, she couldn't find much of anything on this topic and had to do it on her own. I'm learning from her. :)

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Re: Please help

Please forgive my typo above...I did not mean to imply that the being licensed for the IVR only "only allows you to have the email, http, and database steps".

I should have stated it "being licensed for IVR without Express allows you to have [all those steps]".

Sorry for any confusion.

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Re: Please help

thanks for your help, I will test what you have suggested, thanks again, will let you knwo if I get stuck


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Re: Please help

Can anybody help me to send a email through Cisco CRA Editor?

Also I need to know how to connect with Fax server using CISCO CRA Editor?

Any information regarding this greatly appreciated.

I used the attached script for sending email.I got the following exception


600470: Mar 30 06:08:47.000 MST %MIVR-SS_CM-7-UNK:Contact Manager received unknown contact.

600471: Mar 30 06:08:47.031 MST %MIVR-STEPS_EMAIL-7-EMAIL_RUNNING:Executing: Step=Send eMail (eMail to ""),Task id=53000000798

600472: Mar 30 06:08:47.281 MST %MIVR-SS_EMAIL-0-EMAIL_SS_JAVAMAIL_MESSAGING_EX:JavaMail reporting a messaging exception: Task id=53000000798,Exception=javax.mail.SendFailedException: Sending failed;"

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Re: Please help


the script seems correct, I personally tried a similar script and it worked.

Did you complete the email configuration in the email subsystem with the address of the mail server and the default sender address?

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Re: Please help

Can You please tell me the exact steps to configure Email Subsystem?

Any how I will try on this..

And do you have any idea to send fax from Cisco CRA Editor? What are the things that to be configured for that and What CRA steps need to be used..

Thanks In Advance,


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