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Pop-up from UCCX for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I am trying to pop up an account file in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when someone calls in from a phone number listed in an account in Microsoft Dynamics. 


I have created a new workflow in CDA and assigned it to some test users through the CDA web GUI. I created an http action under the Voice Workflow and I can get it to pop up the main Microsoft Dynamics webpage when a call is received but I cannot get it to search for an ANI and pull up that specific account folder. I tried adding request data with the value of ANI or Calling Number but when I test it just brings up the main Microsoft Dynamics web page.


Microsoft Dynamics doesn't seem to use the same type of searching that uses in the documentation. For example:

the main Microsoft Dynamics webpage is:

a test account I set up is:

another customer account is:


Apparently the last string of digits relates to a customer but I don't know how to take an incoming phone number and translate that to a customer file.

CUCM version = 10.0.1

UCCX version = 10.0.1

Using CAD for agents with integrated browser pointed to the Microsoft Dynamics login page so the agent can log in when they first log into CAD.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






I don't think this issue is

I don't think this issue is really related to UCCX, you need to either figure out a way to dip into CRM and find the account number based on ANI or have CRM accept the ANI in the URL and do its search based on that instead of account.



Hi, I am afraid it does not

Hi, I am afraid it does not work that way. CRM's usually expect more than a HTTP GET parameter.

What I would recommend is:

1. explore the API's/SDK provided for MS Dynamics (you did not provide the version, but this may be a good start: There's a REST API so if it is enabled, we could use the REST client functionality of the UCCX scripting engine;

2. the UCCX routing script would actually take the ANI (~ calling number), do the lookup using REST (or any other supported protocol, we can do some Java magic if you have at least UCCX Premium or Enhanced), MS Dynamics would return the customer ID, and this would be sent to the CAD (in an ECC variable, perhaps).

Does this sound like a solution to you?


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Hi kkoeper12 I'm trying to do


As per my customer's requirement I need to pop up a dynamics CRM account form when a new call comes and ANI or account number is passed as a parameter in the URL.

My questions are the following:

1. How can I configure that in the Agent Desktop Call Manager?

2. Do you know if the configuration steps are in any Technical documentation? Which one?




Hi,it depends on what you


it depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

If it's only about calling a URL passing some parameters, it's easy.

Please note there's no such thing as "Agent Desktop Call Manager". What you want to consult is the Desktop Administrator Guide (find the one corresponding with your UCCX version here).


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