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PopUp Screen on CAD with Customer's call History

Good morning,

Could you provide me any suggestions if this could be possible with UCCX 8.6 premium version.... When a customer service agent receive a call, a popup screen appears on the agent's PC and display customer's call history by/her name or phone number from their help desk ticket system database or our CDR database.

I will appreciate any of your input on this.

Thank you


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PopUp Screen on CAD with Customer's call History

Hi Nana

Yes, it's possible - provided that the helpdesk system offers some method for integration.

UCCX premium can do things like database dips to find customer information during the scripting segment of the call.

CAD can trigger keyboard macros (i.e. to switch to the help desk system and then punch in the customer's account or CLI into a field that brings up the details) or can do things like http calls, or control the built-in web browser if the helpdesk system is web based.

It can also launch external programs if that is required.

Basically it comes down to working out what you can do with the help desk app - i.e. does it have a documented CTI API? Does it have a box on the screen that you can put the customer phone number into and get the information you need with a few keystokes? Is there a URL that can be put together (e.g. http://crmserver/customers/findcustomer?cli=441509123123) to retrieve a record based on CLI?


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PopUp Screen on CAD with Customer's call History

Hi Aaron,

Please correct me if I'm understanding this correctly...  So, when an agent receive a call, it will open up a Help Desk App on the agent's desktop (we are using BMC Service Desk Express) then,  the agent has to type in the cusomter's number or name in the App search (BMC has the search box on the page)... Or can the script automatically populate the customer history on the screen without the agent's input?

Have you seen any instruction/documentaiton on this type of configurations?   If you have, could you let me know?

Thank you so much for your reply as always


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