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Predictive outbound dialing with 3 lines per agent

hi everyone,

i am having trobule with predictive dialing as stated in the subject... as the dialer dials 3 lines per agent... the first call that gets connected to the agent gets handled... and the callresult field in the dialer_detail table is set to 10 (voice). for the other calls that get routed to ivr since the agent is busy i get a call result 20(abandtoivr) in the dialer_detail table and those clients, regardless of the fact that their calls are handled after zhey are picked up from queue are calld at a later time. Based on my humble knowledge of ICM/CCE this should not be happening. i use a standard reservation script... i also have a script that transfers the call to the ivr when agents are busy... and on the skill group section of the campaign config i set the route point for the agent busy to the dialed number that trigers the transfer to ivr script...

i will attach the screenshots of the scripts and campaign settings shortly.

any help would be appreciated.


Re: Predictive outbound dialing with 3 lines per agent


When you overdial like that, you are expecting that 66% of your calls are not answered by humans (ans machines, no answer). During testing you will be getting lots of transfers to IVR.

In production as the calls crank up, ICM will move the amount of overdialing around to try to keep the number of abandons (actually transfers to IVR) low. So if lots of people are answering, the Dialer will wind down the amount of overdialing. If the percentage of answers go way down, it will crank up the overdialing to the max you have specificed - 3 lines per agent. I personally think that 3 is far too agressive - but that's just me.

Now to your issue. I agree that the calls that go through the IVR and are picked up by agents should not be called again - they were handled. I wonder if there is a registry setting you need to change. Did you check the list of registry flags - possibly on the Campaign Manager?



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