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Preventing Duplicate Logins

For a certain queue, we have "generic" user ids that are shared among several users. The problem is that sometimes, a user will login with an id that is already logged in at another workstation, which kicks out the original user. Is there a way to change this so instead the new user receives a message that the ID is already logged in? IPCC Express 4.0(4), Desktop Agent 6.1(4)


Re: Preventing Duplicate Logins

Login behavior for already logged in agents is as follows:

CTIOS supports two different behaviors when attempting to login an agent who is already logged in.

Behavior 1: If an agent attempts to log on with an agent id, which is already in use (agentstate other than Logout or Unknown), the CTIOS desktops will display a warning that the agent is already logged in, but will still allow the agent to proceed.

Behavior 2: A login attempt of an agent, who is already logged in, will be rejected. The CTIOS desktop will display a message and will reset itself. Another login attempt can be initiated for the same or a different agent id. If the agent wants to use an agent id that is currently reported logged in, this agent need to be logged out first, before the login attempt will succeed. On IPCC this can be accomplished by a supervisor logging out the agent using the CTIOS supervisor desktop.

The behavior is configured via 2 registry keys, which are part of the connection profile.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems\Ctios\EnterpriseDesktopSettings\All Desktops\Login\ConnectionProfiles\Name\ConnectionProfileName]



WarnIfAlreadyLoggedIn can be 0 or 1. Defaults to 1. 1 indicates that a warning should be displayed on the agentdesktop, 0 disables the warning. WarnIfAlreadyLoggedIn is only relevant if RejectIfAlreadyLoggedIn = 0

RejectIfAlreadyLoggedIn can be 0 or 1. Defaults to 0. Setting it to 1 enables Behavior 2 as described above. 0 enables Behavior 1.


Re: Preventing Duplicate Logins

I've looked in the registraty on both the client and server, but can't find a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems\Ctios. Did a search of the whole registry and it came up empty.

Which version of IPCC are these instructions for?

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