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Priority Skilling. How can it be done in ICM 6.


     We are currenlty using IPCCE 6 with IP IVR 3.5.

We have agents that belong to multiple skill groups and I would like to prioritize the skill groups.

Lets say I have 2 agents: agent1, agent2 and I have 2 skills groups: VoiceOps and Intake_Eng.

Agent1 belongs to Voiceops and Agent2 belongs to both skills groups.  I want calls to VoiceOps to have priority all the time.

Lets says Agent2 is logged on so I want calls to VoiceOps to have priority over Intake_Eng calls.

I was looking at Sub Skill Groups tabs (Subgroup Mask and Sub Skill groups) in the Skill Group explorer and I'm guessing this is what I need.

Using VoiceOps I checked the "Override peripheral default mask" check box

I then checked box 1.  This created VoiceOps.pri with priority 1.

I then added Agent1 and Agent2 to VoiceOps.pri.

So now that VoiceOps.pri has a priority of 1 and Intake_Eng has a default priority (0) and Agent2 belongs to both Skill Groups, would VoiceOps.pri calls take priority for Agent2?

Lets say that Agent1 is logged-in and Ready and that I have in one script a "Queue To Skill Group" node with VoiceOps (or VoiceOps.pri) and in another ICM script a "Queue To Skill Group" node with Intake_Eng and lets just says that 2 calls come in at the same exact time and Agent1 is next to receive calls in both skill groups, would Agent1 received the VoiceOps (or VoiceOps.pri) call first?

Using the "Queue To Skill Group" node, how do I route calls to these in my ICM script?

Do I just add VoiceOps in the node and ICM will take care of the rest?


or like this?




Re: Priority Skilling. How can it be done in ICM 6.

First and foremost, stay away from sub skill groups.  That being said, what you want to accomplish will need two QtoSG nodes one with a priority of 4 the other with a priority of 5 (or any other prority combination).  You queue to Voice at a higher priority then you go to the next node and queue to Intake.



Re: Priority Skilling. How can it be done in ICM 6.

Agreed. The subskills are not really for IPCC, they were added to align with TDM ACDs.

They can be confusing in reporting - if you queue against the base group when sub-groups are configured, queue statistics will not be counted against the sub groups. They can be confusing in scripting - mainly because they don't work how you think they might: sub-skill groups do not imply priority in scripting.



New Member

Re: Priority Skilling. How can it be done in ICM 6.

Okay, sub skills are out!


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