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Problem report on IPCC CAD

we did an installation from a CallManager 4.1(3)sr3a with a coresident IPCC Express 4.0(3)_Build080.

Everything is working except, we have 4 strange phenomenons/Fault which seem to be linked:

1. Every 20 seconds we see in the Windows eventvwr the message: "FCVRS113 Unable to read SQL Named instance out of LDAP."

2. In the Cisco Supervisor Desktop, only "Team Reports" is highlighted. (Agent Call Log, Agent ACD State Log and Agent Statistics are greyed out.)

And the Application mentions "Partial service".

3. In the AppAdmin page, under System > Control Center, we see "status: IN_SERVICE"

4. In the Cisco Agent Desktop we see data for "Skills Statistics Report" and in the left corner "Report: Active"

For "Agent ACD State Log", "Agent Statistics" and "Agent Call Log" we don't get any data and in the left corner we get "Report: Inactive".

There has been a change in IP - addresses from this server, however we have followed the procedure to do this.

Does anybody have an idea what can be the fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD

Refer to the Cisco CRS Administration Guide for updating the CRS IP address Information.


New Member

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD

This part of procedure has been followed to change the IP address of the coresident CCM - IPCC server.

But the problem reside in the agent and supervisor report. The are in light grey. We cannot select them.

New Member

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD


Do you resolved this problem?? Because, I have the same problem.



New Member

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD

friend: did you find de solution?. because i?ve got the same problema with the item 2,3,4 that you mentioned, and with the same version and release, and co-resident too.

I would really appreciate..

New Member

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD


I have found a workaround to the problem.

The attached file is a template for a CRS 4.x system. It must be modified for the specific site.

Follow these instructions

-Log in as an administrator on the CRS server computer.

-Copy the attached file to c:/program files/cisco/desktop/bin on the CRS server

-Edit the file with Notepad

-change "mylcc" to the value of your LCC. (you can find this by going to the CRS box, clicking start-program cisco-desktop-cisco desktop administrator. Your LCC will be under "locations")

-Open up a command window.

-Cd c:\program files\cisco\desktop\bin

-Run: slapadd -v -f slapd.conf -l cadsql.ldif

-Stop and Restart the Ldap Monitor service from the Appadmin .

New Member

Re: Problem report on IPCC CAD

Perfect. Everything seems fine now.

thanks a lot.

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