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Problem with IPCC Express upgrade

After upgrading CCM to 4.1(3), an upgrade of IPCC Express to 4.0(1) was required. CCM upgrade went great. When I upgraded IPCC, all was well until the point where I had to use BARS to restore my 3.3 data to the new installation. The restore was unsuccessful on the BARS server and the installation ended on the IPCC box. At the suggesstion of TAC, I uninstalled and reinstalled CRS. After the reinstall, I tried again to restore the 3.3 data. The process went well until I was prompted to reboot the server. When it came back up, it should have continued with the data migration, but I received the following message:

"The Update Utility is unable to connect to the LDAP. Please check your connection to the LDAP and rerun the Update Utility."

The BARS server started the restore process over prompting me to start the CRS installation process again. I have a TAC case open, just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.



Re: Problem with IPCC Express upgrade

I suspect that you are hitting CSCsb69904

Re: Problem with IPCC Express upgrade

I did originally hit this bug, but I also ran into a problem with CCM updating Active Directory. If the installation is integrated with AD, CCM must be able to write to AD. To enable this, I had to perform the following steps:

Step 1 Browse to C:\dcdsrvr\config, and open the file,

UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini, in Notepad.



Caution You must open the file in Notepad. Opening the file in another text

editor application may corrupt the file.



Step 2 In the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file, locate the key,


Step 3 Change the UserDirectAccess value to true.

Step 4 In Notepad, choose File > Save to save the file.

Step 5 Close the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file.

Step 6 Choose Start > Run.

Step 7 Enter regedit in the Open field and click OK.

Step 8 Browse to \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory

Configuration within the registry.

Step 9 In the right pane, double-click the DirAccess registry key.

Step 10 Delete the false registry entry and enter true as the new registry


Step 11 Restart the IIS Admin Service and its dependent services by choosing

Start > Programs > Administrative Tools> Services.

Step 12 Right-click IIS Admin Service and then choose Restart.

Step 13 A dialog box prompts you to restart dependent services. These

services may differ depending on your configuration. Click Yes.

Step 14 Restart the dependent services.

I also ran into a problem where the upgrade created an unknown HTTP trigger which had to be removed from AD through ADSI edit before the JTAPI subsytem would start.


New Member

Re: Problem with IPCC Express upgrade

Got something on our side also.

We got 4.0.2 to workaround the problems for PickUp Grousp.

However, We still having a problems:

- LDAP ACCESS fail at 10% (in BARS)

While trying to restore.

We still using DCDirectory.. So, there is no issue about "DirAccess" in our setup

Anyone got this and found a solution?


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Re: Problem with IPCC Express upgrade

I am having a similiar issue with 4.0.2, my backup had an issue when restoring the CTI ports. Now no CTI ports will register with CCM and agents get an LDAP error when attempting to log in.....

What was your resolution? thanks

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