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Proggers upgrade

Hello I have this scenario ICM what the best way to do upgraded from ICM 7.5 to ICM 8.X

Server1           Server2                   Server3                                                 Server4

ProggerA          ProggerB                HDS/Webview (HDS/WVDB/AWDB)    NOt ICMServer(DomainController ActiveDIrectory)
RouterA            ROuterB
GenericPG1A    Generic PG1B
CTI server          CTI Server
CG1A               CG1B
CTIOS Server       CTIOS Server

can anyone help me?


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Proggers upgrade


Please refer from page 30 onwards of the ICM upgrade guide,

High Level Upgrade Overview:

The following upgrade process overview outlines the high level steps to upgrade a complex,multi-media, Unified ICM/Contact Center system.

High Level Upgrade Overview (See Chapter 8 (page 71) for details):

1.Bring the system to the pre-upgrade baseline (page 23).

2.Perform a system backup.

3.Setup the new hardware and the Active Directory environment.

4.Upgrade the Side A: Central Controller (CallRouter (page 109) which also contains NICs,and Logger), (page 105)Administration & Data Server and HDS, (page 91) and WebViewServer. (page 46)

Warning: In order to complete an upgrade successfully, you MUST follow the order ofupgrade as defined in this guide.

5.Verify Side A operation, then bring Side A into service.

6.Upgrade the Side B: Central Controller (CallRouter (page 109), which also contains NICs,Logger) (page 105), Administration & Data Server and HDS (page 91), and WebViewServer (page 46).

The following steps can be performed in any order:

7.Upgrade the Administration Client system.

8.Upgrade the Peripheral Gateways and associated Outbound Option dialers (must beupgraded at the same time as the Campaign Manager), and the CTI OS Servers.

9.Upgrade the CTI OS desktops.

10.Upgrade the CAD Server and Desktops (must be done together).

11.Install Infomaker (for custom reports) on a dedicated server.

Note: In Hosted Unified ICM/Contact Center environments, the NAMs and CICMs can beupgraded separately and in any order, provided that NAM/CICM compatibility is adhered to.NAM and CICM systems must either be at

      the same version, or only one version apart. Forexample NAM could be at 8.0(x) and the CICM at 7.5(x) (or vice versa).

Note:The ICM-CCE-CCHInstaller checks if the following End of Life (EOL) components areinstalled in the machine, before upgrading it.

These EOL components are removed from the machine by the Installer, after confirmation fromthe user (excluding the Application Bridge Server which must be removed manually by runningPeripheral Gateway Setup after the upgrade and removing the Application Bridge Servercomponent). The components that are EOL in Release 8.0(1) are:

•PG type Alcatel, NEC, Md110, Siemens, Rolm9005, Galaxy, G2, ACP1000,Symposium/Avaya Acc 4.2 and 5.0, and Meridian

•MEI Server

•Application Bridge Server

•AIN Network Gateway

•CAIN Network Gateway

•G3 Dialer

Hope it helps.


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