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Programmatic ReSkilling


          is there any API or commands available through which we can programatically do agent re skilling?



Programmatic ReSkilling

Hi, there's no such API, unfortunately.


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Programmatic ReSkilling

But there definately should be, in case Cisco are listening.

I suspect there might be one in 9.0, but I suspect it won't be published...

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Re: Programmatic ReSkilling


       Database is not an option, as it didnt gets updated in real systems.

Any one has details about ConApi, this is what Cisco and some third party vendors are using for agent management. There is detailed descritpion available in Cisco docs but no details of usage .


Re: Programmatic ReSkilling


because all the information about agents is stored in the SQL database

therefore, to change the information needed to give the appropriate commands






but you need to know exactly which tables and what to change

maybe there are  ready stored procedures in the SQL database

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Programmatic ReSkilling

... and this is how you lose Cisco's support.

Of course, you *can* do whatever you like using SQL, and yes, there are stored procedures for that, but for one: router configuration is stored within the RAM, the DB is just a backend, two: you still need to have a process that triggers a real time config change, within the whole cluster to make it "dynamic" and not "log out and back in to make changes active"-like.

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By the way, I've got a strong feeling ther must be a problem with that syncing - this statement is based on the problems we experienced with the early versions of Dynamic Reskilling in ICM 7.2.


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Re: Programmatic ReSkilling

Hello Gergely,

                      Any idea about ConApi (
) ?


Programmatic ReSkilling

Yes, I know it.

To be quite honest with you, I tried to figure out the way it works, like two or three years ago, without any documentation. Tried sniffing the communiication between CEM and ICM. That was a dead end. I even tried - shame on me - decompiling the server libraries to understand what I can expect. Yuck. Pain in the neck. I gave up.

And by the way the doc says:

Not widely available for partner to use. Restricted licenses. No further licenses are being granted.

I keep asking my local Cisco partners to release at least some usable API. Usable means there is at least Javadoc-style documentation, some code examples and a reference implementation. I keep getting the stereotype answer: something is there, but it cannot be released.




Programmatic ReSkilling

I agree that the ConAPI should have at least a limited release for  things like adding agents, assigning skills. It's clear that it is a complete and functional API and has been around for quite a while, ever since the integration of the old Webline web collab and CEM. And of course, eGain use it and (I think) so do Exony.



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Programmatic ReSkilling

Found a solution but surely this will breach the support contract.

There is a agentcfg command on ICM which can do lots of agent management functionality. We can start a Java RMI server and pass the commands to it, tried this and it works. But this is not worth risking support contract .

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