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I am trying to run a progressive campaign, wherein the cusotmer answers the call and call should be transferred to the agent, if the agent is unavailable the call should be held in queue by playing a queue music using a micro-app.

Just wanted to ensure the setup is right and if I am going in the right path.

ICM 7.2, CM 6.0, CVP 4.0

I have a CTI route point created which would trigger a routing script to transfer the customer calls. This route point is also configured for the campaign as IVR route point. In the routing script I am using a send2vru(type 10) node to return back a label to call manager, this label would be a route pattern in the call manager pointing to call server via sip trunk and then from call server to gateway invoking a bootstrap. Send2vru is successful and I am able to hold the call in queue by playing a queue music using a micro app.

1. If I wanted to transfer calls to particular VRU only, then I need to create a separate customer for that instance and create a network VRU. Based on the dialed number and the customer associated, the send2vru node would send a label to the required CVP/CM configured under the network vru. Is it right????

2. Would send2vru approach would be fine, or do i need to use translation route to vru. What would be the pros/cons of using a translation to vru over a send2vru node for THIS SCENARIO ONLY.

Which would be the best approach to use it for a progressive flow ??

Pls suggest..


Re: Progressive

When I did this for an IVR-only campaign, I used a trans route. I wanted to get the BAAccountNumber data over to CVP so it could do a database dip.

The dialer calls the customer, and when they answer, it trans routes to CVP. Now CVP runs an application and uses the BAAccountNumber to look in the database and find the customer data on the customer the dialer has called.

Maybe if you don't need data from the outbound call you could do it another way.



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Re: Progressive

I could not see any doc on translate route to CVP configs.

I wanted to know the configs on ICM,CM,callserver,gateway to implement a complete solution on translateroute to CVP.

is there any doc...watever docs i found like cvp config are very less descriptive.

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