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Prompt recorded with record step has audible 'click' at end

The prompt recorder script I've used at multiple sites without issue, now at new customer I'm getting an audible 'click' at the end of the recording.   It doesn't sound like a DTMF tone, but more like a handset being used to hang up.   

This is a UCCX 8.5.1 (SU2) installation on a ESXi VM partition using SIP trunking and G711 codec.

It a standard RECORD step with the default tone to start recording and # to terminate.   The record time is 120 sec due to some long recordings.  The 'click' at the end is on every recording, so at least it is consistent.    I haven't been able to find anything that would even point me in some direction to troubleshoot.

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Prompt recorded with record step has audible 'click' at end

Just a shot in the dark: I wonder if it's a loss of RTP packets and it's trying to do packet loss concealment. If the SIP BYE happens before CUCM gets around to telling CCX CTI the call is done; or worse, RTP stops before SIP BYE.

Does it happen on an internal call from an IP phone?

Does it happen if they actually press # vs. hang up?

Just for fun, what happens if you turn RFC2833 off on the SIP trunk (force to KPML)? Perhaps CCX is trying to play the packet saying RFC2833 #. (That would be a fun defect.)

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Prompt recorded with record step has audible 'click' at end


      It gets even stranger still.   

When I call the prompt recorder through and inbound line and make a recording, then play it back, I can hear the click.   After saving prompt and then going back and listening to it, click is still there.    Listening to it from Prompt Management, you hear a click.   Even downloading it and playing locally, click is there.

If I take a prompt that I had (no click) and upload it to the repository, then play it from the repository through prompt management, you can hear the click.   But if I download it again to a new location, no click.

When I used IP communicator and call the recording app using the routepoint, I don't get any click.  I tried recording, reviewing, saving, re-listening to it.   Saving it to repository, listening from repository and then downloading locally and playing - no click.

My guess is that when you record a prompt, either through UCCX or locally using sound recorder, etc that some EOF file marker is added to the file.   When you do this from the script, the terminating character provides the EOF marker.   It almost sounds like in some cases, the EOF is being heard as the click.

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