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New Member

Prompt Recording - revert to an old prompt?

Struggling with this a little at the moment.

I have the general prompt recording script working perfectly but have been asked if it's possible to add in the ability to revert back to an old prompt using the same prompt recording script.

This would be used when the queue has had a seasonal message recorded and uploaded using the prompt recording script/system and then the queue owners want the original message to be played but don't want to record that message all over again. They basically want to be able to select an option that reinstates the old message in the queue replacing the seasonal message.

I've not been able to get this working and wondered if anyone else has something in place that I can have a look at?

System info - UCCX Premium, 9.0(2)



Prompt Recording - revert to an old prompt?

Since you didn't specify how you're doing this at all, here's how I would approach it.

Let's say your prompts have names which are 4 digits long (e.g. 3333.wav).  Your users call in and re-record 3333.wav and it goes into production.  What you could do is in the background append a 1 or 2 to every prompt.  So even though the users think ther are recording 3333.wav, they are actually recording 33331.wav.  Before you rewrite 3333.wav, you copy 33331.wav to 33332.wav and when you want to go back a prompt you copy 33332.wav into 33331.wav and you're all set.  I hope this makes sense, I would think this might be the easiest and most basic approach to accomplish this.


Prompt Recording - revert to an old prompt?


David's approach is good and easy, but if you are ready to do some hardcore UCCX programming, I would recommend you to save all the recordings into a database table (I see it's UCCX Premium so database operations are supported). I can imagine a nice and neat database table having all the details you need, like the date and time of the recording, the ANI and other metadata, plus the recording itself in a binary format.

Since all of the recordings are stored there as a table row, you can revert to anything since the beginning of time.


Prompt Recording - revert to an old prompt?

Ha ha, I though you would come in and come up with a far more complex method.  I agree that would provide a lot more functionality if the OP can handle it.


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