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prompt stuck in cache


I have a UCCE solution.

In the process of updating some prompts, one of the prompts had an incorrect format.

I have used the command "audio-prompt load <URL>" in order to insure that the new prompt is in the Gateway's cache. Then I realized that the prompt had an incorrect format and needs to be replaced. I have tried to replace the prompt with an another one that has the correct format, however, the gateway is not refreshing its cache entry for this prompt and displaying a message.

audio-prompt load <URL>
Reload of <URL> status failed

audio-prompt <URL> not loaded - open (or format) failure

Any idea how I can delete the prompt that is stuck in the Gateway.




Re: prompt stuck in cache

You can try staling the cache - set http client cache stale - but it probably won't fix your problem and will make all other prompts get refreshed from the Web server.

Now are you absolutely certain the file is good? I assume the URL is exactly right. Try putting the complete URL in a browser and set the default player to Windows Sound Recrder (sndrec32.exe) and check the properties.

The trace shows that audio-prompt load is reaching out to the URL, but the prompt is still in the wrong format. This command does work - although sometimes it takes a couple of goes before you see "Reload successful".

Try it on another file that you know is OK to satisfy yourself that the technique works.

But if audio-prompt load is not working, then there are no ifs or buts - the WAV file is wrong. You must double check - look at the file with a HEX editor. It can be in CCITT uLaw and still be wrong.

If you reload your router, the in-memory cache will be dropped. There is no other way.



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