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QM 2.7.3 evaluation form

Our customer has multiple evaluation questions on a legacy form and we are moving them to QM.  It seems as if the QM system will only allow a single type of evaluation question on a form; 1-5 or Y/N.

  • Can we add an evaluation tab with Y/N evaluation questions to an evaluation form that already has several 1-5 grading tabs configured?
  • If not, can we create a second form with the Y/N evaluation questions that an evaluator can switch to and pull up easily in the same session?
  • Can the 1-5 evaluation measurement be modified to a 1/2/3 measurement and, can the numbers at the top be modified to read Poor/Meets/Exceeds?



Community Member

Re: QM 2.7.3 evaluation form

Hi Sam,

Unfortunately the answer to all your questions are no, no and no

The following can be done in v8.0 which might address some of the issues

a) ability to use both Y/N and 0-5 in the same evaluation form

b) ability to use different evaluation forms for a particular call

c) each section is not limited to 10 questions but the entire form is limited to 100 questions (my condolences to the evaluator)



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