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QM 8.5.2 SR2 ( and 9971 extension mobility recording NBR


Does anyone know if network based recording on a 9971 works with extension mobility users?

I can get Network based recording to work with QM if I put the users extensions on the phone itself, but it doesn't record when they log in with extension mobility profile and the EM profile is 9971 type and has recording profile set on the extension on the device profile, etc.

I need extension mobility for these users as they move around and need recording to work and call center won't let them log in if I put the extension on the phone and they log in to another phone with EM.

I've found some other forum posts suggesting this may not be supported but not really sure and can't find it mentioned in the documentation.

In QM I do have all the 9971s phone used by the EM agents under VoIP devices as well as their user profiles and the agent id is selected for the user profile (not the phone) under VoIP devices. The recording server is set correctly for the phone and the recording type is Network Based. I can't set the Monitor server for the phone and I can't set the recording or monitor server or recording type for the user profiles.


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QM 8.5.2 SR2 ( and 9971 extension mobility recording NB

I understand you need to configure only Agent name in voip device, it is not prefered method to hardcode phone if it is used by multiple agents.


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