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QM8.5:PLYR2101 Download on demand error

I'm using QM (8.5) network recording with UCCX 8.5. When I want to play some of the recorded files those are not played and gives an error message " PLYR2101 Download on demand error for contact xxxx. Try again or contact your Monitoring and Recording administrator".

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QM8.5:PLYR2101 Download on demand error


PLYR 2101 is an error associated with downloading of a file.  There can be multiple reasons why you would get this.

Invalid File (0kb or 1kb) meaning no audio was received, QM marks this as invalid and fails to upload.

What you should do, is log into the Record Server, and look at the Temporary Recording Directory, place a test call, verify that the file size of the .spx file is greater than 1Kb, this verifies that you have a good recording.

if the file is 0kb or 1kb, you probably have an issue with your CUCM configuration and QM is not receiving SIP invites.

refer to the CUCM monitoring and Recording configuration:

Another reason could be related to the Record Server is unable to upload files to the Storage Directory specified. Sometimes this is related to read/write permissions of the user attempting to write to the directory. Generally if you check your storage directory path and see an Audio/Video folder, then this almost assumes your permissions are correct, since it was able to create the folder structure.

If you do not see Audio/Video, Uninstall Proxy Pro service from Add/Remove Programs, and Run Postinstall, Select Tools <> Set Recording Home directory, this will reinstall with proper permissions if using External Storage Location.

following these should resolve your issue,

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