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QoS provisioning for IPCC Enterprise Clustering over WAN

I am running a duplex IPCC enterprise environment version 6.0 with A side located in Ca and B side located in Tx connecting over a full DS3. My question is has anyone done this type of setup without dedicated leased-line for each private connection between duplexed Central Controller and duplexed PG ?

Has anyone done this type of setup successfully in a converged network ? Please share your QoS config if possible !

any QoS config example for this type of setup would be very helpful.

Thank you very much in advance !!! any feedbacks will be highly appreciated !!!


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Re: QoS provisioning for IPCC Enterprise Clustering over WAN

QoS is not supported for the private network until ICM 7.x. Regardless of whether you are using QoS or IP prioritization you should always have circuit diversity for the public and private networks.


Re: QoS provisioning for IPCC Enterprise Clustering over WAN

jond is correct. If you have private traffic and public traffic over the same circuit and that circuit should be interrupted, it's possible to corrupt the logger database.

IPCC 7.1 SRND page 2-28:

"Separate dedicated link(s) for Unified ICM private communications are required between Unified ICM Central Controllers Side A and Side B and between PGs Side A and Side B to ensure path diversity. Path diversity is required due to the architecture of Unified ICM. Without path diversity, the possibility of a dual (public communication and private communication) failure exists. If a dual failure occurs even for a moment, Unified ICM instability and data loss can occur, including the corruption of one Logger database."

As far as distance is concerned, you must be under the 100ms latency (one-way) and 200ms latency (round trip).

Even if you are physically within spec, mixing public traffic with private traffic can cause heartbeat interruption and the router will go to Simplex and back to Duplex in a second or so. This doesn't hurt the router much, but if your PG sides are also across the WAN, things can go pear shaped.

With a dedicated private link, you can span quite a distance if you don't have many routers in the path. I know of one large ICM with one side on the east coast of the US and the other side on the coast of northern Europe. Leasing such a cross-Atlantic link with guaranteed latency is expensive.



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