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Quality Management

Hello I need to know why my quality management desktop do not send the calls to server of Quality Management 2.4, there is one day in I specify that he doesn't send them, one day before and one day later this if I work .

Here is the image of the agent that lost the calls of the 3/17/2009. Only to see the calls today, but not to see the last call, the calls of 3/17/2009 they don't appear in Quality management desktop also do not appear in path c:\program files\Common files\SQM\Recordings\Daily .

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Re: Quality Management


From looking at the log from the client I don't see any recordings attempting to be uploaded to the server for 3/17 at all, I see it attempt a login to LDAP but thats it.

Like you say there are calls from the days on either side.

I am only new to this product and will probably have the same joy as you in the following months.


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Re: Quality Management

Could it be that your not scheduled to record on certian days of the week?

¿No podría ser que su planificado para registrar en días de certian de la semana?

From the Quality Manager Administrator

Go To:

Recordings > Quality Management > Workflows> (the agent assigned work group) > "when" TAB

Observe and ajust the recording days if needed.

Los días de la semana deben ser verificados por todos los días que usted necesita registrado.

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