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Question on UCCX scripting and workflow programming

Hi guys,

We have a contact centre environment running on UCCX 7.0 and QM 2.6.

I have a query where we want to enable the contact centre agents to be able to have the ability to press a button from CAD and play announcement to the caller when they want to purchase a policy from us over the phone.

This announcement is not something that I can integrate as part of the call flow scripts since not every caller that called wants to buy.

Consider the following scenario where a caller called into our customer service line and the call has been accepted by an agent. The caller then notify the agent that he/she wants to buy a policy. The agent then plays the policy terms & conditions triggered by pressing the button on the CAD for the caller to listen to the policy T&Cs on the original call. When the caller agrees to the T&Cs the agent then proceed with signing up the customer on the policy while at the same time all the conversations are recorded under QM.

So I would like this announcement to be triggered by an agent pressing a custom programmed button on the CAD and the announcement is played by barged in on the existing agent's conversation.

I have no idea if this can be achieved at all with UCCX 7.0.

Any tips/tricks and directions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Question on UCCX scripting and workflow programming


I don't believe it's possible to inject a prompt into the middle of the agent's conversation.

The only thing that comes to mind as a possibility is that you could do this:

1) Create a simple script on UCCX that plays out the announcement after a delay of a couple of seconds, then terminates and ends. Add it to a new application.

2) In CAD, add a new task button that does a Call Control action of 'BlindConference' to the trigger of the above app

When agent hits the button, it should create a conference to the announcement app; both agent and caller will hear the prompt. The announce script should then hang up leaving the caller and agent on a normal non-conf call.



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Re: Question on UCCX scripting and workflow programming

Hi Daniel,

Well, cool idea from Aaron. Another one that comes to my mind is to create an initial prompt with a menu option that says  to the customer something like "welcome, if you want to buy a policy press 1 to hear the policy terms and conditions" after the customer hears the terms and conditions you can send the call to the agent, if you want you can create some variable that show up in the CAD to let the agent know that the caller wants to buy a policy.


Re: Question on UCCX scripting and workflow programming

Thanks to both Aaron and Gabriel.

I will need to lab Aaron's suggestions though I'm not quite sure how to create a workflow button in CAD to conference call that CTIRP trigger.

Any pointers to some doco on how to do it is greatly appreciated.

Gabriel suggestion's is also good although I don't believe the QM will record the call if it hasn't been answered by an agent. From legal point of view the customer service will need to keep those as records.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


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Re: Question on UCCX scripting and workflow programming


Adding a task button is pretty simple - once you get into Desktop Administrator (it's installed on the server by default), go into Workflows/Default/CAD and then User Interface. There's a tab in there where you can select 'tasks', check the 'visible' option, and then add an action to it (of type 'Call Control', BlindConference, and put in the target number...)

Take a look at page 70 of this guide onwards :



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