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Queue loop with ip ivr

Hi all

I have created a script with database check to use as a simple queue for use with mobile phones, dect phones etc. This queue today have only 45 seconds of queue time before giving opportunity to leave a voice mail.

I would like to expand this queue time and have it to loop in the script without leaving it and here comes my issue. How can i get the queueloop to be fair if several calls is coming in to the queue looop? The first caller in should get through first and then the second one and so on. I have trouble getting this together since i only use IVR and nothing else for this task. Anyone have an idea on how to solve this?


Re: Queue loop with ip ivr

How is the queue not being fair? It's always a first in first out, unless the caller is manually looping through parts of your flow, the IVR should always be fair.


New Member

Re: Queue loop with ip ivr

It's not fair when using only Call consult transfer as an example and a simple queuemusic loop. If a call is in the queue and another call comes in then that call will get connected first if the extension have been available after the first call went into the queue.

Queuelooping works fine if you use ICM or IPCC Express but not standalone as i see it.

Re: Queue loop with ip ivr

Oh, now I understand and yes you need some sort of intelligent routing directing your calls to the right places.


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