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queue message sounding garbled

I have HQ location:

IPCC Express

I also have a remote location where I have 5 agents. There is no IPCC Express server here. They are connected to HQ office via a T1. When I have all agents logged in and taking calls, when a customer calls the more calls that are in queue, the more the Queue greeting sounds garbled. Is there a way to make the audio file play locally on some server instead of the IPCC server at the HQ office? I am only getting the voice garbled on the callers listening to the audio file that is playing while they are in queue. The file that is playing across the WAN is 212K and if I have 5 agents, all 5 agents are streaming that file across the WAN. Is this my issue or is there a workaround?

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Re: queue message sounding garbled

You don't state this explicitly but I assume your calls are arriving at the remote site as well? If not please clarify.

You need to properly configure QoS and CAC across the T1. Your call quality is decreasing because of the increased traffic load across the WAN without the RTP and signaling traffic being properly prioritized. The call quality is resolved locally because the agent is on the same LAN as the PSTN gateway the call arrived at (the remote site). Note that you should also have QoS configured on the LAN.

You cannot play media from remote servers with CCX. This is a key feature of CVP but that is not cost justifiable for a five-agent deployment.

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Re: queue message sounding garbled

the remote site has their own PRI so the calls come into thru their PSTN, the agents are at that location, logged in, and when a call comes into their queue, a greeting is played.

QOS and CAC are in place but do not play a role since the audio file that is playing at the remote site is not voice and not coming in thru RTP. It is a file being streamed as unicast.

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Re: queue message sounding garbled

I don't think you understand how CCX works. When the caller is in IVR or in queue waiting for an agent, the PSTN gateway has a G.711 (or G.729 depending on configuration) audio call connected to a CTI Port on the CCX server. This _is_ an RTP audio stream. The WAV files that you upload to the CCX server are played into the RTP stream.

When an agent accepts the call, UCM directs the gateway to tear down the call to the CCX server and start a new RTP stream to the agent's IP phone.

Your audio problems are due to QoS or CAC problems assuming your WAV files are not corrupt.

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