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queue to skill group node with consider if statement.


I have a question on a queue to skill we have set up. There have been complaints that calls have not been able to be answered after the center closes even though they are logging in an agent or two to clean up these calls. Within the queue to skill is consider if statement that says:

IF call center location is open and there is at least one agent logged in, queue the call to this skill group.

This applies to both skills that are in this queue to skill node. What they are saying is that if there are calls queing after the center is closed and they have already passed the consider if statements and are sitting in MOH/queuing, would these consider if statements not allow the call to be delivered to an agent if they log in after the center is closed as they are stating that they will log an agent in and they still can't pick up the call. However, these are agents at 2 different locations on 2 separate PGs so that throws another variable into the mix. Not sure how much of the truth they are telling either....

Also, is there a way to check if the call is queing to both groups or just one? Not sure if there is something in the DB that will tell you this, I know there is a route field in RCD but I'm assuming this will only popluate after a call is handled.

There is also a TOD check that will not allow calls to this queue if it past hours of op built in as well.


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queue to skill group node with consider if statement.

First, off the Consider if statement is only evaluated once.  ( and because of that if anything changes after the call is queued then it wouldn't apply.  This is why there is a tendency to place an if check to see if anyone is logged on before circling back into the queue loop because otherwise, we wouldn't know.  Breaking that thought down, if you have a successful queue to skill group node. 

1. Call Queues                   Result: Call remains in queue

2. Then the office closes.    Result: Call remains in queue. 

3. If all agents then log off   Result: Call remains in queue.

4. An agent logs back in     Result: Call remains in queue

5. Agent goes ready           Result: Call is transferred to agent.

Regarding, a determination as to where a call is queued.  You can always run a skill group report by skill and check the total number of called abandoned (assuming the hung up) against each other.  Compare the count of calls offered, abandoned, etc.

The RCD will have the RouteID which in the Route table will give you the SkillTargetID.  Beyond that I'm not sure what can be gathered from the real time tables, although I imagine the Route_Real_Time table would be able to get what you need.

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queue to skill group node with consider if statement.


It sounds like the first "IF" statement is being used as an "accept or deny" calls access to the queue node-

If the queue to skill group node is the where this decision is made(perfectly acceptable to do so)- once a call passes through the queue to node- calls do not return to it unless you loop though it.

Think linear-

Start----Queue to(with if) -----play music-----play announcement--------wait-------loops back to play music-------

Queue to node (conditions-if agents logged on queue the call, if not, the call is not queued)-If calls do not get queued in this step, calls are just in the treatment, not actually queueud- even if your subsequent steps are to play music, play prompts etc- the call is not queueud. 

I do not recommend this---but it would resolve the issue if agents logged on after the call was in the treatment----

Start----Queue to(with if) -----play music-----play announcement--------wait-------loops back to queue to(with if)------

Logging in agents to the queue would not automatically add callers to the queue-

the script would need a new queue to node during the treatment- again looking to see if agents signed on.

I would advise adding an Admin Script with TOD/ DOW conditions and then set a variable for open/ closed-

If the script is "open" queue the calls to the skill group, then if agents do sign on to the queue the calls can be answered.


IF Node(if open)---->Queue to(if not required here) -----play music---play announcement---wait---loops back to play music-

      '------>(if closed) play after hours greeting/ route to voicmail/hangup.

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queue to skill group node with consider if statement.

Thanks to both of you, I was pretty sure but had to cover all my bases....Just needed to confirm as it seems like the agents normally just sign off regardless if there are calls in queue and then leave it up to supervisors to log in and who knows if they are even skilled or skilled correctly.

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Re: queue to skill group node with consider if statement.

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