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"personal" queues

We have the following scenario:

1) Have multiple sales queues (by function)

2) User's can be in multiple sales queues

3) User's can get a call direct to them

4) In the existing Avaya solution that we are replacing, they have personal queues setup for the DiD

5) if a Customer calls into a sales person's direct number, they are placed into a queue. This allows the user to hold specifically for that person. Once that person hangs up on their existing call, this call has priority over all other calls. While in this queue, the customer has options to 0 for operator, 1 to not hold anymore and enter general sales queue, 2 leave voice mail, or to continue to hold.

Now, the question is... is there any way to do a personal queue without taking up a queue? If we let everyone have a personal queue, we will end up with too many queues. :(

Our CCM is 4.2(3)

Our IPCC is 4.x



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