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"pop on phone screen" via XML based on ICM information?

We are trying to display some piece of information (customer name, skill group, etc.) to display on the phone screen when a call rings through to an agent phone.

The agents are using a mixture of Siebel and CTIOS and while the information needed would be available from the client desktop they would also like to display something on the phone if possible.

I'm figuring that some sort of XML application can be written to do this task but I'm not sure of how to tie it into the ICM information. Has anyone done this sort of thing and have any pointers?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Cisco Employee

Re: "pop on phone screen" via XML based on ICM information?

Hi Shan,

it is available via IP Phone Agent and you need a whole middleware to have it, that was built for you in the product, I suspect it is quite challenging to make sure the data gets updated and transferred with the call.

Lot easier to display it on the CTIOS agent softphone or the Siebel bar, via the CDATA option in the Siebel driver.





Community Member

Re: "pop on phone screen" via XML based on ICM information?

Thanks. I've been down the IP Phone Agent route before and it's great if you are using CAD but not the others.

I've asked them if displaying the information in the Siebel or CTIOS desktop would be sufficient but haven't gotten an answer back yet. Personally I think that method is the best to use.

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