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"Service Level" defined for UCCX v8.5

                   One of my Service Desk Chief's are asking how Service Level is DEFINED. From the UCCX Administration Guide it states that Service Level is "the target maximum number of seconds a call is queued before it is connected to an agent". IF we are reading this correctly then the calculation DOES NOT START until after it is placed into the appropriate CSQ (since this is where the metric is located, would make sense). IF that be the case, then the time from when the call first enters the IVR/menu of the UCCX until the caller selects the appropriate option/CSQ is NOT counted in this time?

Therefore, only the time from whence the caller enters the CSQ wait until the time the call is presented to a Service Desk agent is counted (in seconds).

Please let me know if this is correct?


George Y

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"Service Level" defined for UCCX v8.5


yes, it's correct. The Service Level timer is started when the call enters the CSQ.

There's a number of resources discussing various aspects of call center metrics, but the key is: the time the customer spends listening to the IVR menu and choosing what to do is the customer's time, this cannot be influenced by the call center configuration. What can be influenced is the time the customer spends in the queue (starting from the moment the customer makes up his/her mind and chooses an IVR option to the point the agent picks up the phone, or the customer hangs up).

This is the reason why the Service Level calculation takes only the number of seconds spent in the queue.

Check out the Historical Reporting Guide for your UCCX version for more details about the other columns.


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