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"Whisper page" CRS Workaround Reporting

If I implement "whisper page", where I select a resource, play a prompt, then connect the caller, will this skew the reports to the affect where every call would count twice in reports? The script gets user info, rings the agent (auto-answer w/headset), play a prompt, drops that call, rings in immediately with the customer call to the same agent.

If anyone knows how to avoid "counting" the "annoucement" call, please advise.



Re: "Whisper page" CRS Workaround Reporting

Agents can make them Ready and start taking calls. It is also recommended that agent's phone has "Call Waiting" turned off.

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Re: "Whisper page" CRS Workaround Reporting

Did you notice where this additional whisper call skewed your statistics?

I'm getting ready to implement this for a customer and I'm curious if it doubled your report numbers.

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Re: "Whisper page" CRS Workaround Reporting

It most definitally will skew the reports. By a lot in some cases. It doubles the call counts, greatly drags down your average handle time, etc. This is why this is a bad workaround.

I would challange the customer to look at CAD for enterprise data (or use CAD instead of IPPA if applicable) to see whatever information you are trying to whisper to them.

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