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"Write Document Step" - IPCCX5.0

I have IPCCX5.0 premium(HA).

I am using the function "Write Document Step" in a CRS script to write a file to CRS server disc.

Can somebody tell, to which directory on CRS server I write the file, so that it automatically gets replicated in the second CRS server also.


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Re: "Write Document Step" - IPCCX5.0

The directory is C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Documents\user\default, and it already replicates

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Re: "Write Document Step" - IPCCX5.0

1.Does this have any storage limitation.. or. I can keep writing files till the time I have free space on hard disk?

2.Does this directory automatically get backed up & restored with Backup & restore.

3. I this affected by IPCCX purge utillity or this is untouched?


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Re: "Write Document Step" - IPCCX5.0

Actually, I'm pretty sure that the NTFS directory structure is not replicated; the SQL databases are however.

There is a concept of a Document Repository within CCX (db_cra_repository). You can upload documents [files] to it through the CCX Administration interface or through a script. This information is saved to the db_cra_repository SQL database and replicated between the CCX nodes. The engine replicates the contents of this database to local disk at start-up and when you "refresh" the file.

The repository does have a maximum capacity limit which is viewable through the CCX Administration interface when you open the Document Repository.

One thing to note: You must authenticate a user using the User steps before a script will be allowed to upload to the repository as a security precaution. You can do this automatically if you pre-populate the necessary information into variables to supply to the applicable User steps.

PS. Even if that directory is replicated, CCX is migrating to Linux in 8.0 (Q1CY10). I would strongly recommend AGAINST designing anything that writes directly to the local disk.

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