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Re-Install CCX 4.0x

I am trying to emulate a production environment for a customer. I have built out their CUCM (4.1) cluster and am now trying to build the CCX server. During the install I can choose an existing cluster profile from the LDAP data in DCD. When I choose this option I run into a few issues.

So, my knowledge here is elementary and my question is fundamental. Can I install using the LDAP cluster profile information without doing a BARS restore and still get the same functionality or do I need to build a new cluster profile?

I don't have BARS as an option to me right now. So, I was hoping to cheat by using the LDAP data but forcing my new server to be the only cluster node.

The install worked. My errors were related to read/write to the database for CmRm elements. I am also wondering if installing SQL enterprise would get me past the issue.

Sorry for my lack of info here. Long way to go and short time to get there.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Re-Install CCX 4.0x

Disable and re-enable to reset failure counts back to 0 on each service. Most agents can be monitored, except for a few particular phones.

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Re: Re-Install CCX 4.0x

I have done this kind of re-install once at LAB to test BARS restore. From my knowledge, even if you choose the existing Cluster in LDAP, you would still need to use BARS restore to make the IPCC function again, i.e all resources, applications, scripts... to be available. It would be interesting to know how you make it work without using BARS.

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