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READ DB and GET DB Commands

So I use the READ command to pull the one row I need from the table (ARECODEPLANT)

Then I use the GET step to pull it, and it says the Data Type is “java.lang.Double”. SO thus I can use the target variable which is a String? Any way to change this to string?

I also try to pipe this to a DOUBLE variable but get this error.

"“Unable set the variable with the value returned from the database 614; nest exception is: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Type mismatch: context variable type=java.lang.Double value type=java.lang.String”"

The value in my database is a 4-Digit number that i want to use as well!


Re: READ DB and GET DB Commands

I helped a client recently with inputing data and getting response back as webservice.

This will keeps things faster, cleaner and trouble free. I recommend using webservices.

For this get it as a string or char and then parse it however you like.



Re: READ DB and GET DB Commands

Baseer, there are advantages and disadvantages to web services, but I would have to say that building and maintaining a web service to address this tiny little problem is not an economical solution.

A multitude of integrators have the DB READ/DB GET steps working, so let's review.

(a) What is the schema for this table

(b) What is your SELECT statement

(c) What is the variable DB GET is trying to load. What type is it?

Can you see where the mismatch is?



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