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Ready state after wrapup in IPCC

I would like to put an agent into the ready state after they make an outbound call. I have changed the Agent desktop settings for the agent so that wrapup on outbound calls is set to required, and set the wrap up timer to 1 second, but this puts the agent into not ready state after the wrapup timer. Is there a way to force the agent into ready state after the wrap up timer, or is there any other way to do this other than using thhe wrap up timer? Please note, this is IPCC Enterprise, not Express. I know how to do this in Express, but can't seem to figure it out in Enterprise. Thanks in advance for any feedback or pointers in the right direction.

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Re: Ready state after wrapup in IPCC

I don't think you can.

An agent must be in not ready state to make a call from the desktop so after wrap up they will return to that status.

Even if they pick up the handset to dial the desktop will place them in NR so that is again the state they retunr to after the outbound call.


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