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real time and historical reports not matching

Problem Details:

We use ICM 6.0sr7 at our contact center.

We overide the default Service level threshold. We use a value of 27 seconds,

(We have a welcome announcement of 7 seconds, which needs to be excluded from the SL time)

The data is reflected correctly in the Call_Type_Half_Table for the various

intervals, However the in the Call_Type_Real_Time table

ServiceLevelAbandonToday value does not match with the intervals columns in the

Call_Type_Half_Hour Table.

We are unable to compute accurate Service Levels for which the

Call_Type_Real_Time table ServiceLevelAbandonToday is very critical, which is causing serious impact to the client we support.

Thanks and Regards


New Member

Re: real time and historical reports not matching

I think your problem is that is a call abandons its call counter starts from when it enters the system (call type)and if it abandons whilst in Queue is starts counting from the point it reaches a queue.

What I would suggest is that you remove the 7s announcement from the queue script and give it its own script/call type which is then passed onwards to the queue script. you should see better (more easily understandable figures) by using this method.

In a one to one relationship between skill group and call type it is quite possible to have a CT ave answer of 8s and a skill group average answer of 1 second.

So DN->Greeting Call Type/Greeting Script -> Queue Call Type/Script.

Set the SL figure back to 20s for the second call type.

I hope I have understood your question and this helps.



Re: real time and historical reports not matching

Bully's answer is a good one. But you don't need to have another script, since you can use the Call Type node to change call type.

You want to change the call type to the "queuing call type" immediately before the Queue to Skill Group node. This is the call type to report on. Then you will get accurate stats on service levels, abandons etc.

In addition to your current service level problem, as it stands, if someone abandons while hearing the greeting you may be counting that as an abandoned call (depends on what you have short calls set to and how they affect stats.)



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