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Real time Reporting access for Mgrs

Is it possible to grant access to a mgr so they can see the "real-time" report info on a queue without having them go through CRS and messing up the server. Our users are used to Symposium and want to have a little graphical box appear that shows how many agents are online, DND, calls in queue etc..

If I can give them access to that and that only so they don't impede the operation of CRS that is what I want to do. If, possible how do you configure it?


New Member

Re: Real time Reporting access for Mgrs

What is the executable file and where does it reside if anyone knows? I'm thinking I can create an accoutn on the server and give them access to only a folder and have the executable in there...any ideas/thoughts?

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Re: Real time Reporting access for Mgrs

I have been trying to do the same thing. The closest I have come is the Supervisor Desktop report "Team Skill Stats Report". Only problem is the refresh rate is something like 30 - 40 seconds. My managers want real time like I see on the Real Time Reporting in CRS. I don't want to give them access to CRS either.

Does anyone know where to change the refresh rate on the Supervisor reports?

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