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real time stats on agent desktop

Is there a way to display realtime statistics(logged in agents, calls in the waiting, talking agent,etc) on CAD? I know we can use third party wallboard to do this. But our customer currently have nortel symposium call center system on which agents can see the stats. We are replacing them with IPCC. So customer want CAD to have this.


Re: real time stats on agent desktop

With CAD an Agent can view a report of their own performance and statistics (calls presented, calls completed, talk time, work time, ready time etc) and can see limited statistics for the CSQ (number of calls in queue and oldest call in queue).

Altenatively, an HTTP trigger could be used to get live statistics for display on a web page or, through XML, on the phone, either as a service or an idle URL.

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Re: real time stats on agent desktop

from the script how do you actually display these values on to a web page. I see how to get the current calls in q etc but not how to post them to a web page

any help would be great as I need to do exactly this


Re: real time stats on agent desktop

I think it should be possible to open a HTML template document and use the Text Substitution step to replace placeholders in the template file with the actual values returned from the Get Reporting Statistic step, and then use the Send Response step to return the HTML document.

Alternatively, use the Send JSP step to send parameters to Java Server Pages where you could customise the returned HTML based on parameter values. I have done this in a simple manner to return an XML page of CSQ stats which is displayed on phones.

Another way would be to configure Real Time Reporting Snapshot and then use an ODBC link through some JavaScript/ASP code to fetch the statistics from the RtCSQsSummary table in the db_cra database.

I'd be interested in seeing any examples of JSP/ASP files which manipulate the returned HTML based on the value of the variables for display on a web page (e.g. conditionally colouring the text red if a number of calls reaches a given maximum).

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Re: real time stats on agent desktop

I've uploaded a .jsp page I've been using.

unfortunately IPCC 4.0.4 SR1 seems to have a new file path for the Tomcat engine on :8080.

Does anyone know where I can drop this file on IPCC to have it hosted by the 8080 instance?

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