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Recomendation to use media path in icm script

Hello All,

Request your suggestion to use the media path in order to create the icm script.

>> actually from icm script i want to invoke call studio application and that call studio application will communicate with nuance application for ASR and TTS.

request you suggestion to choose the IIS media path or Tomcat media path.

Thanks in Advance

Rajni Vashisht


for call studio script its

for call studio script its straight forward, may be some element may change based on what you are try to achieve, say you are trying to invoke an application called HelloWorld, then the variable would look like:

--> call.user.microapp.media_server = "http://<Some String>:7000/CVP"

now the <some string> can be a IP address or Hostname of a VXML server if you are planning to target one particular VXML server.

and that <some string> should be resolved by the VXML gateway or VVB to reach out to a VXML server.

it can also be load balance virtual IP, to load balance across the VXML server.

you can also have a basic redundancy by setting <some string> to "cvpvxml" and define

ip host record on VXML gateway or VVB for "cvpvxml" and "cvpvxml-backup" to VXML servers ip adress.

Please look at this thread for more detailed understanding

--> call.user.microapp.app_media_lib = ".."

--> call.user.microapp.UseVXMLParams = "N"

--> call.user.microapp.ToExtVXML[0] = "application=HelloWorld" (You can use any array index based on how you ECC variable is configured, using 0 is not at all must)

-->--> call.user.microapp.ToExtVXML[1-3] = use this to send any data you want to pass from ICM to CVP in name value pairs.


What version are you using?

What version are you using?

With UCCE 11.5 and CVP 11.5 there is the "Simplified Method" which works great for PSTN calls and for UCM-originated calls, as long as you don't want to play any microapps first.

It will execute the VXML on the same server that is handling the call (Call Server). It works fine for a self-service app.

There are really three ways.

1. The method above
2. The "Routing Client" method
3. The "Simplified Method"

Choose whichever is appropriate.


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