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Recommend Nuance Solution

Excuse the basic question, but my knowledge is limited in this arena.

I have a customer looking into integrating with ipcc express a solution that will provide the following.

Caller calls in.

IPCC agent desktop recognizes the caller id, and annouces the name to the caller and other otptions.

This is for Taxi service.

Any feedback on software and solution is greatly appreciated.


Re: Recommend Nuance Solution


If you need to promt the caller with dates, numbers, spelling or things like these, you have these features in the 'Created Generated Promt' step in 'Prompts' folder on the CRS Script Editor.

If you need to read text from a Database you should use a TTS provider as Nuance or Loquendo, for example.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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Re: Recommend Nuance Solution

Hello Juan,

Thanks for the response. This is the nature of the business. A taxi service setting up a call center. First time callers get sent to a live agnet, whom then enters the customer information and dispatches a cab.

When the same customer calls in a week, we want the system to recognize that caller based on the data that was entered into a database. Then annouce to the caller something like:

Hello Mike Brown, would you like a taxi at your office location (it annouces the address)

That sound more like TTS correct?


Re: Recommend Nuance Solution

Yes, It sounds like TTS, because it is very difficult to record all the names and streets.

If you are using IPCC Express version 4 you can use Nuance or other TTS engine that supports MRCP to implement the TTS functionality.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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